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El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria
  • El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria
A 21st-century cultural attraction that shows the vibrant and dynamic Barcelona of the early 18th century and the events of 1714 within the context of the War of the Spanish Succession.
The archaeological site in the Born is unique in Europe due to its excellent state of preservation and the way it allows us to trace the historical sequence of events that took place on the site. In addition, property deeds survive that have enabled us to identify the occupants of the neighbourhood that was demolished by Felipe V.
The former Born Market (1876), the cathedral of cast iron and glass designed by Josep Fontserè.
The Born Centre Cultural is a multipurpose space open to everyone that offers an extensive programme of events, including book readings, plays and concerts.
When you step inside the Born CC you’ll realise that every visit is unique.
MEETING ROOMS Metros cuadrados Theater School Round table Cocktail Luz NaturalAltura en metros
Sala Moragues 611 280 100 200 - - -
Sala Moragues + Vestíbulo 1.025 280 100 - - - -
Sala Moragues + Medio Mercado 1.684 - - 230 - - -
Sala Moragues + Espacio abierto del Mercado 2.758 - - 830 1.210 - -
Sala Auditorio Comercial 5 100 72 - - - - -